Cancellation Policy

Under ‘Cancellation policy’, FWO can choose between a fully flexible or a customized policy – or apply different policies to different room types. 
  • With a fully flexible policy, our guests will only pay when they stay at our property, and can cancel free of charge during a time frame of our choice prior to check-in 
  • With a customized policy, we can choose how long before check-in guests can cancel for free and how much they’ll be charged if they do cancel after that point. FWO can also set up a prepayment before check-in, and define how and when we would like to receive that payment. Different policies can be applied to different room types.
  • With pre-authorization preferences, we can show guests whether we’ll pre-authorize their card or not, as well as how much we’ll pre-authorize and when.
  • With a deposit, FWO can make sure they are covered financially if a guest cancels a booking. If the guest does end up staying, we can give them back the money afterwards, or simply deduct it from the overall price of the reservation.
  • In case the deposit is not paid within 3 working days of booking, the reservation will be considered void and your booking will be available for rent.